Science Lives Matter

Working remotely in small teams, ditching 9-5 and focusing on collaboration has been changing the lives of people in business for years now. Why not in academia?

The most brilliant minds in the world right now are obliged to change country, and even continent every 2 years leaving family and friends behind. Leaving like a nomad, without choosing that lifestyle yourself has a significant impact on post doc lives, especially for women. The most intelligent people in our world are no strangers to depression, loneliness and addictions.

Seeing a remote Postdoctoral fellowship position opening makes so much sense. It might even make scientists less grumpy…

Grumpy at Universal Time (UT)

Just another grumpy scientist being grumpy at Greenwich meridian in his Ambassador t-Shirt, which by the way from now on serves as the basis for the world’s standard grumpiness time zone system.  🙂

Thank you Kostya Trachenko, keep up the great research!

Grumpy Ambassadors everywhere!

Last week I had been grumpy in hot Würzburg! Thanks…  Science, I wasn’t the only one 😉

Keun-Young: “Unfortunately, I don’t look so grumpy in the picture, even though I am really grumpy 🙁 ”

Thank you so much Keun-Young for being a Grumpy Scientist and wearing our tShirt 🙂

Keep rocking it and inspiring students, this world needs more scientists!

But I read it in a blog… indeed!

This is not fake news:
People questioning vaccines, reporting that airplanes spray stuff on us, Trump as a president, blog posts with titles such as “10 easy steps to become a millionaire” (really there is blog post about that) and “The Ultimate Startup Metrics Guide: 5 KPIs That VCs Recommend”. We are doomed!